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Where it all began


Don James and Nita Miller first met in 2000 as coworkers at Compaq, or now better known as Hewlett Packard. Their shared passion for running brought them close and soon both of their families became close as well. 

During their half marathon training run, Don and Nita conversed discussed many different topics, including what would ultimately become the cornerstone of their business—wine.

One topic they frequently discussed was the lack of places to enjoy a glass of wine, a nice meal and a laid-back atmosphere in the area which inspired the launch of BRIX Wine Cellars and Restaurant in 2008 in Vintage Park.

Don and Nita are very thankful for the near and far communities and businesses that have shown their love and support toward BRIX and the BRIX family over the past 10 years and look forward to many more. 

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