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  • First to receive notifications of allocated wines

  • Exclusive locker member events

  • Holds up to two cases (24 bottles) of wine 

  • Your personal locker inventory on a BRIX iPad

  • Personalized name plate

  • $400 annual fee (plus tax)

  • Receive a 15% discount off of our wine list prices when you purchase wine for your locker

  • When you remove a bottle wine from locker to enjoy at BRIX, a 15% gratuity will be included

Locker members are part of an exclusive group that enjoys many privileges at BRIX Wine Cellars & Restaurant.

Each wine locker at BRIX can hold up to 24 “standard size” 750ml wine bottles. Our wine lockers are climate-controlled and the wine will be stored at cellar temperature until removed: either to enjoy at BRIX, or to take off premise. Each locker will have a nameplate that identifies the locker owner.

Each locker member commits to purchasing at least two cases (24 bottles) of wine from BRIX per year for the locker. Wines for the locker are purchased at a discount which may vary. Failure to meet the two case commitment may result in forfeiture of the locker at the end of the one-year term. Only wine purchased at BRIX Wine Cellars & Restaurant is permitted to be stored in the wine locker. There is never a corkage fee at BRIX. Wine that is removed from the locker to enjoy at BRIX will have a 15% gratuity (based on the price of the bottle) added to the ticket.

The primary member of a locker may designate up to three additional people who may access the wine in the wine locker by listing their names on the locker application. No one else will be permitted access to the wine in the locker. As an additional measure, proper identification will be required and the primary member of the locker will receive an email notification whenever someone other than the primary member removes wine from the locker. Only the staff of BRIX Wine Cellars & Restaurant has physical access to the wine lockers.

The primary member or any person with authorized access may request a locker inventory at any time. Primary locker members will also receive invitations to special member-only events and wine tastings throughout the year. Locker members are the first to receive notifications of rare, allocated, or exclusive wines available for purchase and may opt to have those wines billed to the credit card on file and added to the locker. It is important that the primary member keep the credit card and contact information used on the application up-to-date.

Approximately one month prior to the expiration of the locker membership, the primary member will receive the option for renewing the locker and the rate for renewal. If at that time the member chooses not to renew the locker with BRIX Wine Cellars & Restaurant, any bottles left must be removed prior to expiration of the locker term. Due to the limited availability of lockers at BRIX Wine Cellars & Restaurant, the annual locker rental fee is non-refundable.

We at BRIX Wine Cellars & Restaurant are confident that you will enjoy the many benefits of being a wine locker member and look forward to sharing new wine adventures.

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